Best Vegan honey in the confectionery industry

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Vegan honey in the confectionery industry

Vegan honey plays a major role in the confectionery industry. Vegan honey or Orycoze rice syrup is the best substitute for other sweeteners that is healthy as well as easily digestible. The trend of veganism resulted in overpowering non-vegan diets. Hence vegans or individuals that are living a plant-based lifestyle are constantly looking for substitutes in the market so they can eat everything and not deprive themselves of anything.

This article will discuss the role of vegan honey in the confectionary industry as well as what benefits it provides.

What is Vegan honey

Vegan honey or Orycoze rice syrup is derived from rice while exposing it to enzymes and its starches are broken down into sugars with the resultant liquid being the rice syrup. With a thick honey-like consistency it has a mildly sweet taste. Some people agree that its taste is close to honey or has an earthy and nutty flavor much like butterscotch.

Rice syrup, especially brown rice syrup is being used in many ways other than the confectionery industry. It is used as a sweetener to all in almost all baking recipes as a substitute for sugar. People like to use it as despite its nutty flavor it does not alter the original taste of the recipe at all.

The role of Vegan honey in the confectionary Industry

Rice syrup plays an important role in the confectionery industry. It is used in making products like candies, chewing gums, jelly, etc. This results in a finished product that has an amazing shine, controlled sugar, good flavor as well as a moderate amount of stickiness. Added to this it contributes to its binding process as well.

Many beverages include rice syrup due to its neutral flavor as well as the consistency it gives. Other than this rice syrup is also used in baked items like cookies and cakes. It contributes to keeping its moisture balanced as well as a much better texture.

Rice syrup solids or rice maltodextrin are added to items that need to be frozen, for example, ice cream. It not only enhances the flavor but also aids its freezing.

Benefits of Vegan honey

Here are a few popular benefits of vegan honey:

  1. Fructose free

Sugar as well as many traditional sweeteners have fructose in it. Fructose is a compound that has a negative effect on liver function as it breaks down directly in the liver. On the other hand, orycoze brown rice syrup has glucose that breaks down and utilizes throughout the body thus not leaving a negative impact on liver function as well as metabolic health.

  1. Non- Allergen

Vegan honey is a non-allergen as well. This is crucial for those who are more prone to allergic reactions. Vegan honey is exclusive of any nuts, grains, or dairy that are common elements in causing an allergic reaction. Along with this, it is easily digestible as well.

  1. Vegan friendly

As the trend of veganism is increasing day by day, people are constantly looking for substitutes. Brown rice syrup though is similar to honey but it is derived from rice thus making it vegan. All recipes that will include brown rice will automatically become available for the vegan market.

Final Words

In this day and age, it is important to look for products that target a larger market. Vegan-friendly options not only satisfy numerous vegans but can also be consumed by non-vegans thus they are excellent ingredients to use in the confectionery industry. Added to this rice syrup adds a lot of elements to the finished product made in the confectionary industry as well.

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