Organic Rice Milk


Organic Rice Milk

Rice milk is a plant-based drink that can be consumed as an alternative to dairy. Organic rice milk is a favorite amongst vegetarians or those who are lactose intolerant. It can be consumed to get all the nutrients of milk without having to drink dairy milk.

Organic rice milk is low in fat as well as protein, however, it provides a healthy amount of calcium as well as great amounts of Vitamin A, B12, and D.

If you want to know more about organic rice milk and its benefits, this article covers all the details.

Product Information

Rice Drink Color Packaging Conventional Organic Taste
Rice Drink Powder White 20 kg bags sweet rice

Product Applications


Non-Dairy Product Alternatives


Protein & Meal Replacement Drinks


Coffee creamer


Cheese Sauces & Gravy Mixes




Bakery & Bakery Blends




Frozen Deserts


Skin & Body Care





Cholesterol & Lactose Free


Alternative to Dairy, Soy, & Nut Milks


Gluten Free




Neutral & Clean Flavor


Great for the Heart


Aid for Weight Loss


Lowers Cholesterol


Easily digestible

Organic rice milk

Organic rice milk is made from rice grains, usually brown rice. The grains are pressed through a grinding mill after which water is added to them. It is watery in texture as compared to cow or other plant-based milk while having a mildly sweet flavor.

Rice milk is the third best non-dairy alternative and contains much more selenium and manganese than other alternatives.

It can be used in a lot of ways. Apart from consuming it directly, it can also be used to make ice creams, rice puddings, chocolate, or coffee creamer.

Benefits of organic rice milk

Apart from being vegan and lactose-free, rice milk provides a lot of benefits.

Boost up the immune system

Rice contains a lot of antioxidants. This results in improving the health of the immune system and resisting inflammation which can prevent a lot of diseases from happening.

Help with digestive health

Rice milk has the advantage of being watery and light. Added to this, it is also lactose-free. On the other hand, cow milk has lactose and is thick which can be hard to digest.

Result in a healthy skin

Rice milk contains antioxidants as well as acids that help with marks and wrinkles. Added to this it has para-aminobenzoic acid that helps skin from sun damage.

Great source of energy

Due to having a lot of nutrients and essential vitamins, rice milk can leave you energized. Its regular consumption can also result in preventing dehydration. Added to this, rice milk helps with milk production thus being essential while nursing.

Improves bone density

A lot of people, due to lack of calcium suffer from bone problems. Without calcium, you can have a low bone mass which can enhance the risk of fractures. The weakening of bone is also called osteoporosis which can be dangerous. Rice milk is a rich source of calcium that can prevent this from happening. Rice milk is also rich in Vitamin D which is essential to absorb calcium thus consuming rice milk can increase vitamin D levels.

Result in slowing the aging process

Rice milk is enriched with inositol which along with improving blood circulation, helps with the growth of healthy cells. This results in brighter-looking skin with improved elasticity.

Less likely to cause allergies

Being allergic to rice is not common making it a non-allergen. This variety of milk is better as nuts, soy and dairy are common allergens. Unless you have a known allergy to rice, rice milk is safe for consumption.

Final Words

Organic rice milk is a great and healthy choice for people looking for healthy dairy alternatives. It is light on the stomach while being full of essential vitamins and nutrients. It is lactose-free while also vegan. The fact that rice is a non-allergen makes rice milk a suitable option for many. If you are looking for plant-based milk, rice milk is the best option due to its mildly sweet flavor, its light texture, and the numerous benefits it provides for your body.