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Welcome to Siddiq Agricoze, your premier destination for high-quality rice-based products. As a leading exporter, we take pride in offering a diverse product range that caters to various dietary and culinary needs. Explore our collection of exquisite rice syrup, renowned for its natural sweetness and versatility in culinary applications. Indulge in the goodness of rice maltodextrin and syrup solids, ideal for enhancing flavors and adding texture to your culinary creations. Discover our premium rice protein, a plant-based alternative packed with essential nutrients for the health-conscious individuals. Our finely ground rice flour is perfect for gluten-free baking and cooking. Lastly, savor the richness of our rice vegan milk, crafted to provide a creamy and nutritious dairy-free beverage option. At Siddiq Agricoze, we are committed to delivering exceptional products that meet the highest quality standards and exceed your expectations.

Brown rice syrup


Rice syrup is a natural and plant-based sweetener, with a clean sweet taste, and a buttery


Rice Maltodextrin (Orytrin™) is a polysaccharide used as an additive in foods and a bulking agent
rice protein


Being a specialist in Rice derivatives, Siddiq Agricoze specializes in the production of the
Rice Maltodextrin


Rice syrup solids are off-white to pale-colored, hygroscopic powders having similar
Rice Milk Nutrition


Rice milk is a plant-based drink that can be consumed as an alternative to dairy.
rice flour


Our Rice Flour is made from certified organic and conventional brown, parboiled or white rice
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