IFT First 2023

Soluble Rice Flour at IFT First 2023

July 16-19, 2023

McCormick Place, Chicago


Introducing Soluble Rice Flour at IFT 2023: A Clean Label Alternative Revolutionizing the Food and Beverage Industry


The Game-Changing Soluble Rice Flour at IFT First

A Clean Label Alternative to Maltodextrin Amidst the exciting lineup of innovative products to be unveiled at IFT 2023, we are thrilled to announce the exclusive launch of our groundbreaking product: Oryflo – Soluble Rice Flour. Designed to revolutionize the food and beverage industry, our Soluble Rice Flour offers a clean label alternative to maltodextrin, an ingredient commonly used in various applications for its functional properties.

The Clean Label Movement and Its Significance

Consumers today are increasingly concerned about the ingredients in their food and beverage choices. They seek products that are transparent and free from artificial additives, preservatives, and unfamiliar substances. The clean label movement has gained immense traction as a result, with a growing demand for natural and recognizable ingredients. Recognizing this consumer shift, our Oryflo presents an opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to meet these evolving demands and provide cleaner, more sustainable options.

Setting the Bar High

Oryflo- SRF is derived from high-quality rice grains, utilizing a unique and proprietary extraction process that preserves its natural characteristics. It offers a wide range of functional benefits, making it a versatile ingredient for various applications across the food and beverage industry. Whether it’s used as a thickening agent, stabilizer, or emulsifier, our Soluble Rice Flour delivers exceptional performance without compromising on taste, texture, or quality.


Remarkable Functionalities

Oryflo – Soluble Rice Flour offers a remarkable array of functionalities that make it an exceptional ingredient across various industries. With solubility properties comparable to maltodextrin, SRF can be seamlessly incorporated into recipes for food and beverage applications, as well as in cosmetics and hair care products. What sets SRF apart is its unique composition, containing not only carbohydrates but also protein and fiber. This combination of nutrients provides additional health benefits, particularly in improving gut health and potentially reducing the negative effects associated with maltodextrin consumption, such as weight gain and obesity.

By replacing maltodextrin with SRF in formulations, manufacturers can offer products that not only maintain flavor and texture but also contribute to overall health and fitness. The presence of protein and fiber in SRF supports satiety, aiding in appetite control and potentially promoting healthier eating habits. Additionally, the inclusion of fiber can positively impact gut health, supporting digestive processes and enhancing nutrient absorption.

Moreover, SRF’s functionalities closely resemble those of maltodextrin/syrup solids, making it an ideal substitute without compromising product quality. The soluble nature of SRF ensures excellent blending and dispersing properties, facilitating its integration into various recipes. Whether used as a thickening agent, stabilizer, or emulsifier, SRF delivers exceptional performance, enhancing the overall texture and mouthfeel of products.


Join Us at IFT 2023

and Experience the Future of Food We invite you to join us at IFT 2023, where we will showcase the immense potential of Soluble Rice Flour and demonstrate how it can revolutionize your food and beverage formulations. Send us a message or fill in the form to schedule meeting with our team at IFT. Together, let’s create a new era of clean label alternatives and shape the way we consume and enjoy food and beverages.


About IFT First Annual Event and Expo

Exploring Innovation at McCormick Place, Chicago The International Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo (IFT) is a highly anticipated event that brings together professionals and innovators from the global food and beverage industry. Scheduled to be held from July 16th to July 19th, 2023, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IFT offers a platform for companies to showcase their latest advancements, connect with industry experts, and unveil cutting-edge products that are poised to shape the future of the food and beverage market.

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