Orycoze Vs Tapioca syrup


 How are sweeteners extracted from flour better than those from starch?

The debate about starch-based and flour-based sweeteners is not uncommon. In today’s world, these sweeteners or orycoze syrups are widely used for multiple purposes. Along with this, consumers are constantly looking to upgrade and use products that are the best when it comes to health and the production process.

Many people are unsure of what to decide amongst the constantly changing trends like the public demand for flour-based syrups instead of those that are extracted from starch.

This article will compare orycoze syrup with tapioca syrup while also telling about why internationally people are keener to opt for sweeteners extracted from flour rather than starch.

Orycoze syrup

Orycoze syrup or clarified rice syrup is a sweetener extracted from rice flour. The resultant syrup has a clear or transparent color. It tastes mildly sweet and is slightly buttery or has a honey-like flavor. Added to this it has a thick texture just like tapioca syrup.

Orycoze syrup can be used as a sweetener or as a stabilizer to add moisture or texture to baked goods, in the pharmaceutical industry or the confectionary industry.

The main advantages of orycoze syrup are that it is organic and has a highly trusted supply chain. Due to this, it is easily digestible thus making it perfect for those who deal with digestive issues. It is also hypoallergenic. Non-allergen syrups are in high demand as they cause little to no allergic reactions unlike syrups like corn syrup. As the material for the production is available locally, it is relatively less expensive as well.

Tapioca syrup


Tapioca syrup is derived from cassava tubers and is extracted from tapioca starch. It appears just like clarified rice syrup. It has a clear color as well as a thick and starchy texture just like Orycoze syrup. Added to this it has a sweet taste with buttery and honey-like flavor notes.

Tapioca syrup is also hypoallergenic which means it is not prone to causing allergic reactions.

This syrup is also highly popular in the confectionary industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry. However, the resultant product can be expensive as tapioca syrup itself is an expensive syrup due to the lack of availability of its ingredients.

Flour Vs starch

The debate of flour Vs starch has become a well-known topic in recent times. Many people believe that it is better to opt for flour-based syrup.

Tapioca starch is derved from cassava roots. It is shredded, washed, and then dehydrated. Thus it is processed. As starch is highly processed it makes it less healthy. Added to this, starch contains carbohydrates thus resulting in a negative impact on blood sugar levels as well as weight.

On the other hand, rice flour is simply made by removing the husk of rice, and grinding the raw rice to make flour. This does not require any processing to be done. After this clarified rice syrup is extracted from rice flour.

Thus, despite tapioca syrup being the same as clarified rice syrup, Orycoze syrup is a much healthier option.


Orycoze syrup and tapioca syrup, both share the same properties. They have the same color, they look exactly the same due to the thick texture as well. Added to this their taste is also the same. They are also used for the same purposes. However, one main difference makes Orycoze syrup much superior to tapioca syrup. As orycoze syrup is made from flour and is not highly processed and is also digestible, whereas tapioca syrup is extracted from starch which is already processed.

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