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Rice honey/Vegan honey :

Vegans are constantly looking for substitutes that are healthy and taste just like or close to the actual product. Rice honey is a substitute for honey that has a consistency, appearance, and taste similar to honey derived from bees. Thus it can be called vegan honey.

Vegan honey is derived from brown rice and can also be called brown rice syrup.

Brown rice syrup- a substitute for honey

Brown rice syrup has a deep brown color, texture, and consistency just like honey. Made by cooking whole grain brown rice that has been treated with enzymes, it is an ingredient that can be used in numerous recipes as a substitute as well.

Rice honey or brown rice sweetener tastes a lot similar to honey. However, it does have a slightly earthy and nutty flavor. Due to the nutty flavor, it also tastes a little bit like butterscotch. However, when used as a substitute for honey derived from bees, in recipes it will not change the taste at all.

Honey Vs Vegan honey

Vegans do not consider honey as being a vegan food as it is derived from bees. Added to this although honey is a natural product full of nutrients and does have glucose, it also has natural fructose in it. Thus not suitable for vegans as well as people who suffer from fructose intolerance or are looking to completely omit fructose from their diet.

On the other hand, vegan honey or brown rice honey syrup is plant-based, it even has the same consistency look, and similar taste as honey. It does not contain any fructose and has a large amount of glucose which is the best fuel for your brain.

What are the benefits of vegan honey?

These are some of the popular benefits of vegan honey:

  1. Digestibility

As brown rice sweetener is organically produced thus it does not include any artificial ingredients that may leave a negative impact on your health. Also, it is made by breaking down the starch making it into an easily digestible product. Digestability plays a vital role in absorbing nutrients and carrying them out through the body.

  1. No fructose

Fructose is an ingredient that does not result in a lot of benefits to the human body. While glucose utilizes in the whole body once it breaks down, fructose only breaks down in the liver. Almost all sweeteners contain fructose. Sugar has an alarming amount of fructose while rice honey also has an amount of natural fructose in it. Brown rice honey syrup does not have any fructose in it hence it does not cause any harmful effects on the liver.

  1. Acts as a relatively easy substitute

Brown rice syrup can easily be used as a substitute for sugar or honey in recipes by tweaking the quantities a little bit due to its mildly sweet flavor. It is much healthier and lighter and it will not change the taste of the recipe as well. If you like to add honey to your tea or coffee, vegan honey will be an excellent substitute.

  1. Rich source of energy

Many people are concerned if they are getting enough energy through plant-based diets. Brown rice sugar syrup gives an instant boost of energy due to its digestibility, while also being an excellent product for those omitting fructose from their diets.

Final Words

While honey does have nutrients and glucose in it, it also contains natural fructose and is not vegan. The trend of veganism has resulted in excellent substitutes for almost all non-vegan foods. Due to this, many brown rice syrup suppliers are providing vegan honey that is organic and is not too sweet like other traditional sweeteners.


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