Why Best clarified rice syrup is used interchangeably in place of Tapioca Syrup Sugar?

tapioca syrup sugar

Why clarified rice syrup is used interchangeably in place of Tapioca Syrup Sugar?

Plant-based sweeteners have paved their way into the market not only providing people with healthy alternatives but also with great taste as well. Since rice syrups  have started gaining popularity many people are keener on opting for clarified rice syrup instead of tapioca syrup Sugar even though both are good vegan options.

This article will explore both clarified rice syrup as well as Tapioca syrup  sugar while also finding the reason why people choose to use clarified rice syrup.

Clarified rice syrup

Orycoze rice syrup is made through enzymic treatment of rice that is filtered and made into a heavy syrup.  It has a transparent or pale color. The clarified rice syrup tastes mildly sweet and to some people a little like honey or butter.

Other than this, it acts as an excellent substitute for sugar as well as honey as it has fewer calories while also being vegan-friendly.

Some other benefits of it include being digestible. As it is organic, while also not having any artificial flavors it is easily digestible. Added to this, it is also fructose free which directly breaks down in the liver thus negatively impacting liver functions. It has glucose that breaks down and utilizes throughout the body. It is plant-based thus it is allergen-free as well. The main benefit of clarified rice syrup is that it has extremely less carbohydrates that can be a cause for weight gain or high blood sugar levels.

Clarified rice syrup can be used for baked goods, snack bars, beverages, vitamin supplements, and even in baby foods, etc.

Tapioca Syrup Sugar

Tapioca syrup sugar is derived from cassava tubers. It has a light golden color almost similar to brown rice syrup. It tastes neutrally sweet while also not having a grainy or bean-like flavor like other syrups, and can be used as a sugar substitute or honey substitute as it is vegan and healthier than sugar.

Some other benefits of it include it being allergen-free. It is exclusive of nuts, grains as well as gluten which are the root causes of many allergic reactions. Other than this, the syrup is easy to digest as well due to being light on the stomach. It is also suggested as an essential syrup for people who are looking to gain weight in a healthy way as it is high in calories. However, this acts as a major con as well. Some people look for alternative sweeteners as sugar has high calories.

Tapioca syrup sugar is high in carbohydrates as well which is a downfall for people who are on low carbs diets, do not want to gain weight, or suffer from high blood sugar levels.

Tapioca syrup sugar, much like clarified rice syrup can be used as a sweetener for beverages, candies, snack bars as well as all baked goods. It also acts as a good thickening agent for many gravies and icings. Due to the neutral flavor substituting it will not change the original taste however if you are looking to make a low calories meal, tapioca syrup will not be successful in that regard.

The final verdict

Tapioca syrup sugar as well as clarified rice syrup are both high in glucose and serve as healthy alternatives for sugar. However, tapioca syrup is high in calories as well as carbohydrates thus not a good sweetener if you are on a weight loss journey or suffer from high blood sugar levels. Orycoze clarified rice syrup is not only an extremely healthy sugar substitute but also has much fewer calories when compared with tapioca syrup sugar, hence it is being used interchangeably in place of tapioca syrup sugar.

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