Orycoze: Best better sweetener


Brown rice syrups have taken over the market leaving people confused as to how it is a better sweetener than many. This article will help you navigate how Orycoze is the better sweetener by going over its benefits. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a challenging task, especially with the numerous options available. … Read more

How can 1 Of The Best brown rice syrup better than Pure honey?

Brown rice syrup vs Pure honey

How Is Brown Rice Syrup Better Than Pure Honey? Sweeteners are an essential part of our diets, thus people are constantly looking for better sweeteners to aid their lifestyle. Many people have started to opt for brown rice syrup rather than honey even though honey promises many nutrients while also being a healthier option as … Read more

Best Vegan honey in the confectionery industry

vegan honey

Vegan honey in the confectionery industry Vegan honey plays a major role in the confectionery industry. Vegan honey or Orycoze rice syrup is the best substitute for other sweeteners that is healthy as well as easily digestible. The trend of veganism resulted in overpowering non-vegan diets. Hence vegans or individuals that are living a plant-based … Read more

Best Reissirup in EU


Reissirup is Deutsch for rice syrup. Rice syrup or reissirup is popular in almost all parts of the world. It is derived from rice and is used as a substitute for sugar or even honey. It is popular due to having fewer calories than sugar as well as due to its digestibility and being plant-based or … Read more

Why Best clarified rice syrup is used interchangeably in place of Tapioca Syrup Sugar?

tapioca syrup sugar

Why clarified rice syrup is used interchangeably in place of Tapioca Syrup Sugar? Plant-based sweeteners have paved their way into the market not only providing people with healthy alternatives but also with great taste as well. Since rice syrups  have started gaining popularity many people are keener on opting for clarified rice syrup instead of … Read more

1 Of The Best Rice honey/Vegan honey

rice honey

Rice honey/Vegan honey : Vegans are constantly looking for substitutes that are healthy and taste just like or close to the actual product. Rice honey is a substitute for honey that has a consistency, appearance, and taste similar to honey derived from bees. Thus it can be called vegan honey. Vegan honey is derived from … Read more