Orycoze: Best better sweetener


Brown rice syrups have taken over the market leaving people confused as to how it is a better sweetener than many. This article will help you navigate how Orycoze is the better sweetener by going over its benefits.

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a challenging task, especially with the numerous options available. It can be hard to choose the best possible option to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Orycoze is made by boiling brown rice to its natural enzymes, while its starches are broken down to sugars. This process results in a brown-colored syrup.

The brown rice syrup is organically made thus it is free of any heavy metals as well as artificial products.

It has a honey-like consistency while also having the same color. With a taste close to honey except for the nutty and earthy flavor often compared with butterscotch, it is one of the best sweeteners to use.

How is Orycoze better than other sweeteners?

Orycoze has many benefits over other sweeteners be it other syrup, refined sugar, or honey. These are some of the popular benefits that make it a better sweetener.

  • Acts as a great binding agent

The most popular benefit of brown rice syrup is that it is a great binding agent, hence it is an ingredient highly used in the confectionery industry. While making items such as snack bars, it can be used and there would be no need to bake them as it will bind them together while also giving them a nice earthy sweet flavor.

  • Fewer calories

You may be well aware of the calories refined sugar contains. There are approximately 48 calories in 1 tablespoon of sugar while on the other hand brown rice syrup has much fewer calories than this. This results in ruling out the effects of a high-calorie intake such as obesity upon consumption of brown rice sugar.

  • Digestibility

Orycoze is made organically with no harmful artificial ingredients as opposed to refined sugar. It is made into an easily digestible sugar. As it is made by breaking down the starch from rice, this adds to its digestibility.

  • No fructose

Fructose is present in almost all kinds of sugars. Even fruits contain natural fructose. Fructose is a molecule that only breaks down in the liver thus affecting liver functions as well as metabolic health. While on the other hand, brown rice syrup contains glucose that breaks down and utilizes throughout the body thus not having a negative impact on liver functions.

  • Vegan

Recently people are opting for a much healthier lifestyle thus opting for sweeteners such as honey that do not negatively impact their health. However, honey is not vegan. Brown rice syrup is a sweetener that acts as a great substitute for honey while also being better than other sweeteners.  Many people like to view brown rice syrup as vegan honey. This is because it has a taste as well as a color similar to honey.

  • Nonallergen

As Orycoze is plant-based is a non-allergen. This means that it is less prone to cause allergic reactions as compared to honey which is an allergen. If you are looking for healthy sweeteners but get allergic reactions easily, it is better to opt for sweeteners that are non-allergens such as brown rice syrup.

Final Words

In this day and age where almost everything contains artificial materials or heavy metals, it is hard to find a sweetener that tastes good as well as does not have any harmful effects on one’s health. Orycoze fits into that category perfectly.

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