How can 1 Of The best Halal Brown rice syrup be substituted into your diet?

Halal brown rice syrup

Halal Brown rice syrup is a great substitute for refined sugar as well as honey. Although honey is a great sweetener itself, it is not vegan thus brown rice syrup acts as a vegan honey. With taste, consistency as well as a color similar to honey it acts as the best substitute.

However, substituting brown rice syrup in any recipe can be challenging, especially if used as a substitute for refined sugar. This article will show how you can easily add brown rice syrup to any recipe.

Halal Brown rice syrup

Halal Brown rice syrup or Orycoze is derived from brown rice by boiling the rice and exposing it to its natural enzymes. This process breaks down its starches into sugars which then results in a brown-colored syrup. It has a consistency and well as a color similar to honey. While its taste is close to honey it has a slightly nutty and earthy flavor. Some people also compare it to butter scotch.

Why use brown rice syrup as a substitute

Before using Orycoze in place of sugar, it is important to be aware of its benefits.

  1. Vegan

The biggest benefit of brown rice syrup is that it is a vegan substitute that is healthy as well. Although honey is a good substitute for refined sugar it is not vega, thus making Halal brown rice syrup a good choice overall.

  1. Digestible

Halal Brown rice syrup is organic and exclusive of any artificial ingredients thus making it digestible. Refined sugar due to its high calories and artificial ingredients sugar is not digestible and contributes to obesity as well. Brown rice syrup is light on the stomach and has few calories as compared to sugar.

  1. No fructose

Although fructose is present naturally in many sweet products like fruits and honey, it can also have harmful effects. Refined sugar also has a significant amount of fructose present in it.  Fructose directly breaks down in the liver thus causing negative effects on liver functions as well as metabolic health. On the other hand, brown rice syrup does not contain any fructose. It contains glucose that utilizes throughout the body and provides energy as well.

How to substitute brown rice syrup

Using brown rice syrup as a substitute for refined sugar can be a little hard due to the difference in their consistencies. It is known that brown rice syrup is liquid while refined sugar is in powdered form. By substituting it, the result should be the same while also not changing the recipe at all. While this seems a little tricky, it is not hard at all and can be easily achieved by tweaking the recipe a little bit.

When substituting brown rice syrup in place of sugar, there are 2 major points that you need to keep in mind to result in the recipe turning out exactly as you want.

Firstly, if the recipe says to add 1 cup of sugar, you need to add 1 and ⅓ cups of brown rice syrup. This is because brown rice syrup is mildly sweet. Although being a good sweetener it is not as sweet as sugar.

Secondly, if you add 1 cup of brown rice syrup, remove all liquids in the recipe by ¼ cup. While adding ¼ of baking soda for every cup of brown rice syrup added.  This will solve the problem of both sugar and brown rice syrup having different consistencies and the recipe will turn out exactly what you want.

Final Words

Substituting brown rice syrup in place of refined sugar is the best option if you are opting for a healthy lifestyle, and it can be achieved easily by making a few changes in the recipe.

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