Best Reissirup in EU


Reissirup is Deutsch for rice syrup. Rice syrup or reissirup is popular in almost all parts of the world. It is derived from rice and is used as a substitute for sugar or even honey. It is popular due to having fewer calories than sugar as well as due to its digestibility and being plant-based or vegan.

This article will tell more about Orycoze rice syrup as well as its benefits.

How is Reissirup made?

Reissirup is made organically thus making it healthy with no side effects. It is made by cooking rice that has been treated with enzymes to turn its starches into sugars resulting in a brown-colored syrup.

What does Reissirup look like?

Orycoze rice syrup has an almost honey-like look. Its consistency, as well as texture, is similar to that of honey. It has a dark brown color.

What does Reissirup taste like?

Brown rice syrup has a slightly sweet and mild taste. It has an earthy and nut-like flavor hence many people find it tastes close to butter scotch. However, if used as a substitute for sugar or honey, it does not alter the recipe’s taste as it has a mild taste.

What is Reissirup used for?

Rice syrup can be used for anything that requires a sweetener as it is an excellent substitute for sugar as well as honey. It is the best syrup to drizzle over pancakes and waffles or add to tea or coffee. Other than this it can also be an excellent ingredient while baking by just tweaking the recipe a little bit if it is added in place of sugar. It helps bind the product together, for example, snack bars thus being better than sugar. Due to it being in liquid form, it is advised to put more powder ingredients in the recipe.

Other than this rice syrup is used in candy making as well as making chewing gum as it helps bind the product together while also giving it a sweet flavor.

Rice syrup Vs traditional sweeteners

Here are some of the popular benefits of rice syrup that makes it better than traditional sweeteners:

  1. No amount of fructose

Fructose is an element that is present in most forms of sugars. For example, refined sugar. Fructose can only be broken down in the liver. On the other hand, glucose can be broken down and utilized in other parts of the body. Orycoze rice syrup has a high amount of glucose in it. By consuming Reissirup there will not be a negative impact on metabolic health as well as liver function.

  1. Digestibility

As Orycoze is plant-based and organically produced, it makes it into an easily digestible sugar. It does not contain artificial ingredients that other sweeteners do thus it does not negatively impact your health while also being digestible and light on the stomach.

  1. Exclusive of heavy metals

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