Artificial Sweeteners Should Not Be Assumed Safe Due To Their Effect On 1 Of The Best Sugar Levels

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Artificial Sweeteners Should Not Be Assumed Safe Due To Their Effect On 1 Of The Best Sugar Levels

Recent studies carried out by the immunologist Eran Elinavfrom Weizmann institute have shown that artificial sweeteners that are consumed as substitutes for sugar levels have resulted in being harmful as they alter gut bacteria. Added to this, a few of these artificial sugars affects the capability to process glucose sugar levels.

Eran Elinav, along with his team conducted this research assessing their progress against the artificial sugars: sucralose, stevia, saccharin, and aspartame. In his research, he found out that all of these artificial sugars alter the gut bacteria officially known as the microbiome. While sucralose and saccharin affected glucose response.

Along with this, he planted feces of people consuming artificial sugar levels in the previous experiment into rodents who did not have gut microbiomes. They discovered that rodents also found it difficult to dispose off glucose. This research also showed that the harmful effect of artificial sweeteners is not exclusive to human beings but to other species as well.

Scientists discussed the irony of the reason artificial sweeteners were introduced. Artificial sweeteners were initially introduced as a substitute for sugar that would be less harmful to one’s health. Along with being low in calories, they were meant to cause less damage to glucose levels. However, they seem to be doing the exact opposite of what they were meant to do.

After this research, professor Elinav strongly believed that the consumption of artificial sweeteners sugar levels must be avoided until proven that they are not harmful as this study strongly proves its harmful effects of altering the gut bacteria as well as affecting the glucose response. Elinav also stressed the fact on how people need to fully understand that artificial sweeteners do not fulfill the purpose of satisfying sweet cravings with no added health risks.


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