The Contribution of Best Vegan Honey to the Growing Trend of Veganism

Vegan honey

Contribution of Vegan Honey to the growing trend of Veganism

In the growing trend of veganism, vegan honey are discovering substitutes for almost everything. This includes honey as well. As honey is derived from bees many vegans consider it to be non-vegan and thus are opting for vegan honey.

In this article, you will discover what is vegan honey and why is it called vegan honey as well as how it is better than other substitutes.

What is vegan honey?

vegan honey

Brown rice syrup can be called vegan honey as well. Brown rice is boiled and exposed to its natural enzymes. This converts the rice starches into sugars that produce caramel-colored syrup. With a color that is just like honey, its texture and taste are also strikingly similar. Although it has a slightly nutty and earthy flavor.

Brown rice syrup is a sweet flavor that many opt for as a sweetener for their tea and coffee or to drizzle over pancakes and waffles. It is also mainly used as a binding agent in the confectionery industry.

How is vegan honey or brown rice syrup better than other sweeteners?

vegan honey

Many other sweeteners also act as vegan substitutes. However brown rice syrup is considered to be the better alternative.

Firstly, many sweeteners contain fructose. Fructose is a chemical that causes only harm to your body. Fructose automatically breaks down into the liver causing adverse effects on liver functions and metabolic health. Whereas, brown rice syrup has glucose. Glucose is utilized throughout the body while also providing energy.

Secondly, brown rice syrup is easily digestible. It is light on the stomach as well. As it is organically made and exclusive of heavy sugars or chemicals it is digestible. Added to this it has fewer calories and is organic which prevents it from causing diabetes or the underlying causes of diabetes such as obesity.

Thirdly, brown rice syrup does not contain any artificial flavor or chemical. It is produced organically thus it does not cause any harmful effects on health.

Why do non-vegans opt for vegan honey?

Vegan honey

Apart from vegans, many non-vegan are also opting for vegan honey. Honey may be highly nutritious, however many prefer brown rice syrup due to some reasons.

Non-allergen: One of the main reasons for opting for brown rice syrup as a sweetener is that it is a non-allergen. Many people are highly sensitive to allergies and are prone to getting allergic reactions by consuming products that are allergens. Honey being an allergen, brown rice syrup is a suitable option with a taste, color, and texture similar to honey.

Added to this, people are also reluctant to consume honey due to unethical harvesting practices. In order to harvest a huge amount of honey, harvesters replace honey with other sugars that do not fulfill the nutrition requirements of bees and result in worsening their health. Apart from this selective breeding to increase productivity results in a high-scale die-off or diseases.

Mass breeding also highly affects other nectar-foraging insects. For example, the number of native bumble bees has declined.

This negative impact urges people to opt for healthy alternatives that taste good.

Final Words

In recent years, veganism and its trend have received a lot of popularity and have received a huge amount of growth. This results in vegans opting for such alternatives. They opt for brown rice syrup to use in their daily lifestyle as well as look for such ingredients when buying things like snack bars or candies. Vegan honey is healthy, and organic and tastes and looks similar to honey, thus serving as a perfect substitute for honey.

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