How can 1 Of The Best brown rice syrup better than Pure honey?

Brown rice syrup vs Pure honey

How Is Brown Rice Syrup Better Than Pure Honey?

Sweeteners are an essential part of our diets, thus people are constantly looking for better sweeteners to aid their lifestyle. Many people have started to opt for brown rice syrup rather than honey even though honey promises many nutrients while also being a healthier option as compared to brown rice syrup.
This article will discuss why brown rice syrup, in some ways, is better than honey.

Brown Rice Syrup VS Pure Honey

Honey is made of nectar, unlike brown rice, while it contains glucose and a large amount of fructose. Other than this, due to it being nutritious it is considered a better sweetener than many. While the general concept of honey having therapeutic properties is well know, Rice Syrup is also considered a superior sweetener with the following merits:

High nutritional value
Brown Rice Syrup contains essential nutrients that hold a lot of importance if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. It contains vitamins, niacin, amino acids, ribofalavin and thiamine. Other than this it also has important minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. All these elements lead it to be a sweetener of extremely high nutritional value.

Many health benefits
As Brown Rice Syrup is a natural sweetener it brings a lot of health benefits to your body. It is known to have anti-aging properties and contributes to increasing the life span of a human upon regular consumption. Along with this it does not contain any trans-fat as well as brings numerous benefits to your skin.


Pure Honey contains pollen, and other allergens which can cause allergic reactions in your body.  The main allergens  that trigger an allergic reaction are pollen and glandular proteins that the bees produce. 

Brown rice syrup and its benefits

Brown rice syrup is derived from brown rice and is made organically. Although it does not have many health benefits compared to pure honey, it also does not have any serious harmful effects like sugar. Here are some popular benefits of rice syrup.

Fructose Free

Fructose is an element that results in harmful effects on your body. Fructose breaks down directly into your liver thus affecting liver functions as well as metabolic health. While on the other hand, glucose which is present in a large amount in rice syrup, utilizes throughout the body while also being a rich source of energy.


Taste and Color Profile

Orycoze Brown Rice Syrup has a nutty earthy flavor very similar to honey. Our brown rice syrup is also termed as Vegan Honey by many of our customers due to it being completely identical to honey having similar taste and color profile.


The major benefit of rice syrup is that it is vegan. Due to the recent trend of veganism, consumers are constantly looking for great benefits. Brown rice syrup fits well into that description.
Better substitute than other sweeteners.

the best substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners. Brown rice syrup is another great substitute. It is a good source of energy and has few calories while also being healthy.

Brown rice syrup Vs pure honey- The Final Verdict

Pure Honey is a great sweetener due to its promising health benefits as well as great taste. However, the greatest disadvantage is that it is not vegan. Healthy vegan sweeteners are extremely important for vegans. Brown rice syrup seems to be a great one. It is digestible, tastes similar to honey as well as being healthy.
Other than this, honey also contains fructose which may affect liver functions while brown rice has no fructose present in it.

Lastly, honey is considered an allergen. This means that people who get allergic reactions easily may have a chance of getting an allergic reaction upon consuming honey while Orycoze is a lot safer in that regard.

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