Best Organic Brown rice Syrup – A Good Substitute For Refined Sugar

organic brown rice syrup

Organic Brown Rice Syrup – a good substitute for refined sugar

Organic Brown rice syrup is derived from brown rice by cooking the brown rice and exposing it to natural enzymes. This results in breaking down its starches and turning them into sugar. Once its impurities have been removed, it produces a Organic brown rice syrup

Organic Brown rice syrup has been a favorite to those opting for a healthier lifestyle or who are diabetic as it is considered to be a great substitute for refined sugar.

Effects of refined sugar

While sugar is a necessary element in some dishes, it does not mean that it is completely healthy. You may love the sweet flavor that sugar brings, however, its consumption is not healthy.

Consuming sugar has led to high blood pressure, weight gain, inflammation as well as diabetes. Sugar contains fructose which contributes to such diseases from happening.

Effects of Organic brown rice syrup

Organic Brown rice syrup has a texture, flavor as well as appearance that is a lot similar to honey. The similarity to honey is to the extent that it even tastes like honey. Brown rice syrup has a slightly nutty and caramel-like flavor.

It is much healthier as compared to brown rice sugar as it is organic. It has much fewer calories, unlike refined sugar. Organic brown rice syrup has a high glucose content and thus can be mobilized by all the body cells rather than just being harmful to the liver.

How to substitute Organic brown rice syrup?

It is a little challenging to substitute Organic brown rice syrup with sugar due to the difference in its appearance due to it being in liquid form along with its caramel-like taste as well as the amount of sweetness is much less compared to refined sugar. However, it can be done by knowing a few tips.

Although Organic brown rice syrup is satisfyingly sweet, it is not as sweet as refined sugar, thus any recipe that requires sugar, you need to add more brown rice syrup than you would have with sugar. To substitute sugar with Organic brown rice syrup in a recipe add 1 and ⅓ cups of the Organic brown rice syrupif the recipe requires 1 cup of sugar.

Another challenge with adding brown rice syrup to any recipe as a substitute for sugar would be that it is in a liquid form. As refined sugar is not liquid you may not end up with a satisfying result due to the more amount of liquid going into your recipe. If you want to substitute sugar, it is a good idea to minimize the amount of liquid going into the recipe, and reduce other liquids by ¼ cup by adding 1 cup of brown rice syrup. Added to this add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda for every 1 cup of Organic brown rice syrup to achieve the exact same results as you would with sugar.

People often are hesitant to substitute sugar with this syrup due to its caramel-like flavor changing the recipe. However, it does not change the taste. In some recipes, it is actually much better to use brown rice syrup rather than sugar as the syrup may give a rich and smooth texture while on the other hand sugar may make the texture gritty, for example, if you are making a chocolate mousse. Organic Brown rice syrup is also a much better option when added to tea or coffee rather than sugar.

You can easily substitute sugar with Organic Brown rice syrup by making a few changes to the recipe to see promising results!

Final Words

It is agreed upon that refined sugar despite the sweet flavor it gives, is extremely harmful to you. Not only does it have numerous calories but also contributes to high blood pressure, which can be a reason for diabetes as well as the occurrence of fatty liver disease. Thus the most terrible ingredient for sweetness that you can consume has to be refined sugar. It is better to opt for a lifestyle that is healthier yet you do not deprive yourself of foods that you love. Often healthier lifestyle is mistaken for omitting all sweet things, yet there are much healthier substitutes that can be added by just altering the recipe a little, brown rice syrup being a wonderful option.

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