Best Orycoze syrup Vs Best Tapioca syrup

Orycoze syrup

Facts that urge people to use clarified rice syrup

As sugar is one of the worst sweeteners, thus, in recent times other plant-based syrups have taken over the market. orycoze syrup is not only promise health but also allow a sustainable lifestyle. Added to this they have much more uses than just giving a sweet flavor. Tapioca syrup and orycoze syrups are interchangeably used as they have the same purpose. However, some reasons urge people to use orycoze syrup.

This article will discuss a few similarities that urge people to use both syrups interchangeably. While also discussing in detail the factors that make Orycoze superior.

The similarities between tapioca syrup and clarified rice syrup

Tapioca syrup and clarified rice syrup, both are used interchangeably as they have a lot of similarities. Some of the most common similarities between these two syrups are:

Similar properties: clarified rice syrup is clear in color while having a thick consistency. Added to this, it has a mildly sweet taste with buttery and honey-like flavor notes. On the other hand, tapioca syrup is also similar to clarified rice syrup in terms of its taste, texture as well as color thus they can be used interchangeably.

Hypoallergenic: clarified rice syrup and tapioca syrup do not cause any allergic reactions as they are hypoallergenic. Some people are prone to getting allergic reactions thus they need to avoid any ingredient that has a risk of causing an allergic reaction. For example, corn syrup is an allergen.

Plant-based: both of these syrups are not derived from any animal-based product and are plant-based. This means they are vegan friendly too. Recently people are keener to opt for options that are plant-based as they agree that it is healthier.

Uses: tapioca syrup and clarified rice syrup are interchangeably used as they have the same uses. Orycoze syrup are used as sweeteners as well as to stabilize the moisture and texture of a product. They are mainly used in baked goods, dairy foods, pharmaceutical industries, and the confectionery industry.

Facts that lead in favor of clarified rice syrup

There are a few benefits of Orycoze syrup that urges people to not use tapioca syrup.

Relatively cheaper: It is well known that tapioca syrup is expensive. Anything it is added to turns out to be expensive as compared to clarified rice syrup. When industries want to add these syrups to anything, they want the final product to be cost-effective while also not compromising on its quality. Clarified rice syrup ticks both of these boxes.

Local availability: Clarified rice syrup has a big advantage of its ingredients being locally available. Rice is a locally and easily available ingredient. Whereas, tapioca starch is imported. All of this results in clarified rice syrup being derived from a trusted supply chain while it is unsure if the tapioca starch is authentic or not.

Extracted from flour: Intgernionally, people are becoming more reluctant to use syrups extracted from starch. They believe starch to be already processed. Tapioca starch is also derived from cassava roots by shredding, washing, and then dehydrating them. Whereas, clarified rice syrup is extracted from rice flour that is not processed.

These facts make a lot of difference especially the fact that tapioca syrup’s supply chain can not be trusted.

Final words

Although tapioca syrup and clarified rice syrup are a lot similar, tapioca syrup not being available locally, and is expensive, and the fact that it is extracted from starch makes clarified rice syrup a much more suitable option. Orycoze syrup is organic, healthier, and available at a good price.

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