Best Brown Rice Syrup Vs Corn Syrup

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Brown Rice Syrup & Corn Syrup

Brown rice syrup and corn syrup are used interchangeably in a lot of places. They are used in beverages, candy making as well as in regular recipes as a substitute for sugar and honey. They are used interchangeably due to having similar sweetness, texture as well as consistency.

In this article, we will discuss in detail brown rice syrup and corn syrup while also comparing the two to find out the better syrup.

Brown rice syrup

Brown rice syrupis made by boiling brown rice and exposing it to enzymes. This turns its starches into sugars which further become a caramel-colored syrup.

This plant-based syrup is a popular choice in the confectionary industry as well as in cooking and baking. It is relatively low in calories and is exclusive of gluten and fructose, two elements that people tend to avoid in foods. Brown rice syrup is a popular choice for those who want a gluten-free diet. It can easily be added to drinks or snack bars.

Its sweet flavor is earthy and tastes much like butterscotch, however, it is moderately sweet. Although it has a high glycemic index, it has nutrients like magnesium, magnesium, and zinc.

Corn Syrup

Corn SyrupCorn syrup is made by utilizing the starch in it. It contributes to providing good flavor as well as a good texture to your food. Added to this it enhances the sweetness of any dish it is added to and has a nutty flavor. Thus it alters the dish as well by giving it a nutty flavor. It is preferable in baking as a browning or moisture-retaining ingredient.

Corn syrup includes nutrients like vitamin B, sodium, zinc, carbohydrates, selenium as well as calcium. However excessive use of corn syrup can lead to type 2 diabetes or the underlying cause of diabetes such as obesity due to its high calories, it can also cause, dementia as well as heart problems. Thus excessive use should be avoided.

Brown Rice Syrup Vs Corn Syrup

You are now well aware of brown rice syrup as well as corn syrup. Now, let us compare the two to find out which is the better and preferred option.

The two syrups have two distinct differences that can be considered as the major differences.

Firstly, when compared with each other brown rice syrup has much fewer calories as compared to corn syrup which further makes the first one more digestible and healthier. Also, people who are watchful of their calories should opt for brown rice syrup.

Secondly, corn syrup, due to having a nutty flavor alters the taste of recipes as well by giving them a slightly nutty flavor whereas brown rice syrup does not alter the recipe at all.

Now that the major differences are highlighted, brown rice syrup is the more preferable option when it comes to the confectionery industry. It is also an ingredient of choice when making baked goods or desserts. Added to this it can be used as a mild sweetener for drinks as well.

While corn syrup can be used in fillings, beverages, salads, or ice creams.

However, anything it is added to will be higher in calories as compared to brown rice syrup.

Wrapping it up

Brown rice syrup and corn syrup, both are good vegan options and substitutes for sugar. However, adding corn syrup as an ingredient will slightly change the flavor of the final product as well as result in high calories thus making brown rice syrup a much more suitable option for a low calories sweetener that does not alter the taste of the recipe as well.

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